Building Frequency Tables in Excel

1. Copy data array into a single column on a new sheet (I'll assume you've copied 8200 entries into Column A, but you can use any column).You select individual sheets by the tabs at the bottom of the Excel window. If desired you can create a new sheet from the Insert function on the tool bar across the top.  Clicking on a tab's label allows you to enter a new name.

2. Highlight the entire column of entries.  From the Data function of the tool bar, Sort this list into ascending order.

3. Create an adjacent column of BIN boundaries which will define the histogram you want to build.  For example entering 548, 549, 550,...,682, 683 down through C1:C136  will allow you to build a histogram with a range from 548-683 (with 135 total bins).

4. Select D1 as a "formula" cell, with =FREQUENCY(A1:A8200,C1:C136) (where 8200 should be replaced by the actual number of data entries you copied into Column A).  Then select the full target range D1:D137 (or just D column?), hit [F2] and then press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.  Notice column D is set one more entry long than C!

5. With the new frequncy table output column highlighted, click on Chart/Plot icon.
Select bar graph. You will see plotted histogram.
Select [Series] tab.
    Click in the Categroy (X) axis labels: field
    and highlight C1:C136 or type in as
Click [Next>]
    Under [Legend] tab remove [ ]Show Legend
    Under [Titles] tab enter Category (X) axis: Rate (per minute)
[Next>] [Finish]